Top 9 Compliance Job Boards To Source Qualified Professionals (2023)

During challenging financial times, companies and organizations must carefully navigate layoffs, reduced working hours, and company shutdowns while remaining compliant with the laws and government guidelines. The only way to achieve that is to hire qualified and experienced compliance workers, and compliance job boards are the best place to look for these professionals.

We have created a list of the best job boards to look for compliance professionals, along with the pros and cons and job posting prices of each. We will also show you how to identify and hire the best candidate.

Job BoardPricing
Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics$500/position/90 days
Health Care Compliance Association$500/position/90 days
National Society of Compliance ProfessionalsFree for members

$250 for non-members

American Institute of Healthcare ComplianceFree for members

$25 per posting for non-members

Ethics and Compliance Initiative$165 for a 30-day job posting

$300 for a 60-day job posting

Package deals from $279 a month

Careers in AuditFrom $495 per post for two weeks
Compliance CrossingFrom $199 a month
WeCruitr JobsFrom $299 per post
The FCDA Blog Job Board$600 for a single job posting

$2,200 for a pack of five job postings

#1 Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics

Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics (SCCE) is an excellent place to look for compliance experts. It offers educational opportunities, certifications, networking possibilities, and helpful resources, such as books, newsletters, surveys, and more.

SCCE counts over 6,700 members, and its job board page receives over 3,000 visits per month. It promotes job listings on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter and with biweekly emails sent to 26,000 professionals.

You must have an account to post an ad. You can create a free account or become a member. The individual membership fee is $325.

Large audience

Social media sharing

Email promotion

Qualified candidates


No free trial period

#2 Health Care Compliance Association

The Health Care Compliance Association (HCCA) job board is dedicated to compliance professionals in the medical field. Its growing community currently counts over 12,000 members, who have access to educational resources and networking opportunities. It is an excellent place to find qualified professionals who keep up with the industry news and regulations.

The HCCA job board receives over 10,000 monthly visits, and the association promotes job listings in its biweekly newsletter emailed to around 30,000 healthcare compliance professionals. It also shares ads on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

You must sign in to your account before posting a job ad. You can create a free account or become a member for a $325 fee. Group membership fees are discounted and cost $275.

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Large audience

Many qualified candidates

Newsletter promotion

Social media sharing


No trial period

#3 National Society of Compliance Professionals

The National Society of Compliance Professionals (NSCP) is dedicated to advancing the knowledge of financial services compliance professionals. It’s a nonprofit membership organization that provides its members with various resources—such as industry news and the monthly journal featuring articles written by respected colleagues—as well as continuing education opportunities.

NSCP promotes networking, and members become a part of a diverse community where everyone shares their knowledge and expertise. The website has a resume bank that anyone can access, so you can handpick candidates even before posting an ad.

Job posting is free for members, but the annual membership fee is $475 for individuals. Non-members must pay $250/listing/month. Both members and non-members among jobseekers can see listings and pursue an offering they like.

Job posting free for members

Resume bank available to anyone for free

Job listings available to everyone

Various valuable resources for compliance professionals

No additional recruitment solutions


#4 American Institute of Healthcare Compliance

American Institute of Healthcare Compliance (AIHC) offers training courses and certifications for healthcare compliance professionals. It hosts an affordable job board where you can post an ad for only $25 if you are not a member, while members can post for free. Becoming a member is also pretty affordable at $125 a year.

Once you post an opening, it will remain live until the position is filled. Compliance positions posted on the website are also promoted through email blasts.

Free posting for members

Affordable posting for non-members

Ads are live until the position is filled

Email alerts to inform suitable candidates about the vacancy

No information about audience size

Messy website structure

#5 Ethics and Compliance Initiative

Ethics and Compliance Initiative is another membership organization that offers training, certifications, and resources like case studies and industry news to compliance professionals. It boasts 500 member organizations and 95 client organizations.

ECI hosts a job board that comes with valuable recruitment features. You can explore their resume database, track applicants, manage your job postings, and save templates for later use.

Prices start at $165 for a single 30-day listing. The website has multiple packages offering jobs emailed to ETI members, highlighted ads, and ad distribution to partner websites. You also need to pay for access to the resume bank. You can either purchase a single resume for $35 or pay $200 to access the resume bank for 30 days and contact up to 100 professionals.

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Resume bank

Basic applicant tracking system

Ad distribution to other websites

Can get pricey

Limited resume views even with a paid plan

#6 Careers in Audit

Careers in Audit is one of the leading job boards for audit, risk, compliance, cyber security, data, and analytics professionals. The website offers helpful hiring features, such as email alerts sent to candidates who match your requirements, a database of over 45,000 resumes, and account management services to help you identify suitable candidates.

This platform can let you access over 240,000 local and international professionals specializing in auditing and compliance. If you are hiring remotely, this is an excellent resource.

You can create a customized posting plan or choose one of several available packages. For example, for a branded job posting package that costs $695, you can get:

  • One 30-day listing
  • Corporate profile page and a listing in the Recruiter directory (this lets you present your company and attract qualified candidates)
  • Daily job alerts sent to active jobseekers
  • Social media promotion
An extensive resume bank

Email alerts to matching candidates

Social media sharing

Customizable pricing plans

Branding possibilities

Access to a dedicated account manager

Many qualified candidates for senior positions

No candidate matching tools

Resume bank available for an added fee

#7 Compliance Crossing

Compliance Crossing is a part of Employment Crossing—a huge job aggregator service.

When you post an ad on this website, it gets syndicated to over 500 partner websites, increasing your reach and presenting your ad to more candidates. The platform also sends targeted email alerts to candidates who are a good match for your company.

You can explore a vast candidate resume database and search by keyword, industry, experience, job functions, and qualifications. The platform lets you add as many users to your account as you like, which makes it easier for recruitment teams to work together and make smarter hiring decisions. You can also control what information other team members can see. The website is easy to navigate and lets you compare notes with other users and keep track of applicants.

Pricing plans range from $199 to $1,249 and only differ in the number of job listings you can post and resumes you can access. There is also a 14-day free trial for all packages.

Large audience

Rich resume database

Ad distribution of over 500 websites

Email alerts to suitable candidates

Applicant tracking

Free trial period

Messy website design

Expensive plans

#8 WeCruitr Jobs

WeCruitr Jobs is a job board where recruiters can look for compliance professionals on a part-time, full-time, consultant, or retainer basis. Recruiters can create profiles where they share contact details and their industries. Jobseekers can also create profiles for recruiters to explore.

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The platform is designed to facilitate jobseekers and recruiters to find each other. They can achieve that with an advanced search feature and an option to send messages to other users directly from the website.

Each job listing costs $299 and features a logo with a link to the application page on the employer’s website.

A large database of compliance professionals specifically

An abundance of news from the industry

Access to a recruiter directory and a candidate database

Option to create branded listings

No specific recruitment features

Expensive for what it offers

#9 The FCDA Blog Job Board

The FCDA Blog Job Board is a great place to find anti-corruption and compliance professionals. The website started as a blog that posts news in the industry, articles, and stories by reputable colleagues. Members can access exclusive content and educational resources and get certifications. Now, it also features a job board.

To post a job ad, you need to create an employer account and pick whether you want to advertise a single vacancy for $600 or a bulk of five openings for $2,200 a month. The website is extremely easy to navigate, and posting an ad is as easy as sending an email.

You can specify what kind of employment you offer (full-time, part-time, freelance, or temporary) and choose how you want candidates to apply—via email or a link to an application page. Job listings also feature a company logo for branding purposes.

Easy to navigate

Discounts for bulk listings

Branding possibilities

Many qualified candidates

No additional hiring features


Hiring Compliance Professionals Is All But Easy

Hiring a skilled compliance professional is no easy feat. You need a highly trained individual who keeps up with industry news and changes in government policy. To make matters worse, you are not the only one looking for such a candidate.

When you source applicants, you need to sift through the unqualified candidates fast and reach out to the right person before your competitors. The problem is, even if you manage to review all the applications, reject those who don’t meet your requirements, and interview those you like, there is no guarantee they will do the job well.

Top 9 Compliance Job Boards To Source Qualified Professionals (1)

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The only way to be confident you are hiring the right person is to conduct a pre-hire assessment. Testing every single applicant is tedious but necessary. The good news is that you can make it easier. An automated hiring platform can help you speed up and simplify the process!

Gaetano from Nextiva already relies on pre-hire testing to identify top talent and suitable additions for his teams.

Top 9 Compliance Job Boards To Source Qualified Professionals (2)

Gaetano (Head of Growth @ Nextiva)

Hire Qualified Compliance Experts Easily With Workello

Workello helps you optimize your hiring processes with automation, a simple applicant tracking solution, and pre-hire tests designed by compliance experts.

Here’s how Workello can help you hire the top 1% of compliance professionals at any price point:

  1. View all candidate applications in the same place—your unique Workello dashboard
  2. Send pre-hire compliance assessments developed by subject matter experts to promising candidates with a single click
  3. Interview the candidates with the best scores
  4. Hire a compliance expert who is a perfect fit for your organization

The best part is—everything’s pre-configured, so you can set up an automated hiring funnel with Workello in 3 minutes and start assessing candidates today!

Start your Workello free trial and discover a faster, easier, data-driven way to hire qualified compliance professionals.

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