Women's Intuition Retreat in Majorca, Spain in Majorca, Spain (2023)

About this trip

A deeply transformative and healing women's retreat on the island of Mallorca, Spain. Sisterhood circles, daily yoga, readings, workshops, the sea!

Dear Sister,

Do you desire more ease, joy, and clarity in your life?

Are you longing for more connection and friendship with other women in community?

Have you heard the inner calling to deepen your relationship with your intuition, and follow the path of your heart?

If you feel a YES to any of those questions...

We warmly invite you to join us on our magical and one of a kind Intuition Retreat!

The experience will be July 1 - 8 at a stunning retreat center, nestled in the foothills of Mallorca's Sierra de Tramontana mountains.

Here's what to expect on the retreat:

- Daily Yoga with Lucia Grace

- 2 60 minute Personalized Readings

- 4 Transformative Group Workshops to activate your Intuition

- Sister circles and meditation practice

- An Excursion to a local sacred site honoring Mother Mary, the beach, the mountains, etc

- Lots of spacious time for you to just relax by the pool, visit the beaches, hike or so much more.

- Breakfast and Dinner, mediterranean style!

- Evening time to connect, dance, sing, and explore


Morning Yoga and Movement

Each morning, Lucia will guide us in a gentle, heart opening, and embodied movement practice to charge our energy up for the day! The practice is an integration of yoga, somatic movement, energizing Chakra practices, and guided meditation.

Personalized Readings

During the week you will sign up for 2 readings (Akashic Records, Tarot Readings, Empowerment Astrology, Intuitive Guidance, Obsidian Mirror Healings and Divination) from our amazing healers. If you desire a more in depth session (such as Sobada Flower Massages, Energy Clearing, Ancestral Healing, or time with a third intuitive healer) to take your process further, you'll have the option to add on additional sessions.

Our Team of Healers

Lili Shuster:

Lili is the visionary & creator of the eleventh house, and she will be our ritual-space holder for the event. She will facilitate sacred circles, guiding participants in meditations and self-healing to set the energy for our time together.

Daily Yoga:

*Lucia Grace:

Lucia Grace Young is an embodiment and mindfulness teacher, C-IAYT Yoga Therapist, intuitive astrologer, improvisational dancer, and transformational retreat facilitator based on the Big Island of Hawaii.Her soul calling and purpose is to create spaces where you can feel seen, held, supported and guided more deeply into your true self and inner knowing as you explore the inner landscape of your body. Lucia approaches all of her offerings such as yoga classes, retreats, and 1:1 sessions with a trauma sensitive, holistic, heart centered and somatic way of being. In her teachings, Lucia skillfully weavestogether celestial wisdom with embodiment practices to ground the current energetics into the felt experience of the body, empowering you to flow and move in harmony with what is.

Begin each day of your blissful retreat time feeling deeply embodied and connected to your highest self. Every morning we'll enjoyan hour long practice that will include classical yoga, conscious breathing, meditation and visualization, somatic and authentic movement, hands on healing touch, and more! Classes are suited to all levels of experience.


*Melusina Gomez, M.A., M.F.A:

Melusina is a curandera, ritualist, writer, and theatre artist, whose

healing arts offerings combine the principles and practices of Curanderismo and

Nahualismo. Curanderismo is a traditional healing art from Mexico, which blends Indigenous

wisdom with influences from Europe to address trauma and imbalance.

Nahualismo is the dreaming, healing, and sorcery tradition of ancient Mexico.

Melusina has studied and practiced Indigenous healing techniques for over 20

years, and has applied these traditional methods to 1:1 healing sessions,

workshops, public rituals, and healing groups within mental health facilities for

survivors of trauma, abuse, neglect, mental illness and human trafficking. She offers

monthly full moon ritual gatherings, workshops, tarot and oracle readings,

and writes blogs for the eleventh house, where she is also store

manager. Her mission is to reconnect our changing times with ancestral

wisdom and healing, lineage reclamation (especially among mixed race peoples), and practices for empowerment and deep healing with the sacred feminine.

Melusina's intuitive readings combine both traditional Tarot and Oracle cards. She weaves a sacred space of nurturing and prayer, connecting clients with the energies of the directional Tezcatlipocas, who rule our new cycles, our shedding and renewal, our highest destiny, our unconscious layers, our emotions, and our inner resilience. We reach up to the cosmic influences that map our soul growth and movement, and down to the Earth that blesses our creations, in the form of The Holy Mother. Hand in hand with these potent essences, we look into what is hidden beneath the struggles of the present moment, and find nuances of guidance that together weave a story with corroboration and support. This is divination, blended with non judgmental consulta, and rooted in aspecting the loving and fierce energies of the Divine Feminine Forces. Upon request, the art of the pendulum and the Obsidian Mirror may also be engaged, when serious issues need a yes or no answer, or when heavy energies need to be extracted in order to restore balance and clarity.

*Jen Duchene:

Akashic Mentor, Soul Guide, Teacher, Creator of the Illuminating Journey Cards

Applying the expansive wisdom of the Akashic Records and light worker, healer and wizard lineages to reconnect with your own bold and limitless self, that has been waiting inside you all along. As a clear channel Jen helps you release ‘emotional weight’ and activate fast-track healing which illuminates a new path forward, through private packages, live and recorded trainings to support your metaphysical soul growth.

Awaken the soul power within you.

*SelfKarrie (Karrie Ann Myers)

Astrological Empowerment Counselor, Manifestation Alignment Coach & Energetic Healer

SelfKarrie utilizes the ancient tool of Astrology to emapathically support and strategically guide her clients to limitless success in Heart Compatible Relationships, Career Goals, Ancestral Inheritance and Life Purpose Alignment.

Karrie’s accurate intuition, empathic, straight-forward approach and valuable real world strategies - combined with a 10+ year entrepreneurial business background - has helped hundreds of people across the globe bring their true purpose down to earth and into the real world. Her online membership, private coaching sessions and in-person workshops empower you with practical, cosmic guidance to help you navigate your unique path and start living the life you were BORN to live.

*Victoria von Gorski:

Channel, Spiritual Counselor, Tarot Reader and Stargate Facilitator For over 30 years, Victoria has been acting as a conduit for the divine to assist clients on their journey. She assists clients in seeing their lives from a higher perspective by tapping into their guides and higher consciousness to gain insight in what is happening for them in the here and now.

She is offering two types of one hour readings:

Tarot: A Tarot reading can be likened to opening a road map of where you are at the time of the reading. The placement of the cards in the reading indicates what direction your higher self is indicating you go or perhaps, not go, if your path is leading you in a direction that is not in your best interest. It is about looking at the right path for you in the present moment. A reading can assist in seizing opportunities and taking a deep look at what is going on in your life and what is potentiated at the time of the reading.

Channeled Readings:

Victoria will connect with benevolent energies to assist you.

Each session begins with a Stargate meditation to establish a deeper connection to the other realms.

She will allow for benevolent energies to speak through her to offer assistance in creating clarity for the client on their path.

This is an opportunity to look at beliefs you are meant to explore and release for your greater good, ask questions that you may have about your path at the time of the reading and often an energy alignment will be offered.

She is conscious and with you, as energies such as, Angels, Guides, Star Beings and Ascended Masters work with you.


Melusina Gomez : Alchemy of the Black Madonna

Who is our Mother Darkness?

Queen of the Heavens,

Keeper of Wisdom,

Initiator into the Mysteries of Divine Incarnation,

Throne of Power Behind the Child of Light,

Tender of Souls in the Halls of Death and Renewal,

Inheritor of the Ancient Robes of the Goddess,

Preserver of Suppressed Cultural Knowledge,

She is.

Mother Mary of Miracles,

Mother Mary of Holy Depth,

Take us to our remembering.

Together in this 90 minute workshop, we will learn about the history and origins of The Black

Madonna, creating a bridge between our intuition and her Divine Mystery. Following the

threads of folklore, uncanny reports of miracles, and an investigation into the lost tenets of the

Feminine within Catholicism and Alchemy, we will will broaden our understanding of this

powerful face of the Mother Mary. Opening our hearts to her, we will listen for her message to

us, individually and collectively, in these times of transition and reclamation. We will embrace the blackness that brings death to false selves, and preserves the innate truth of our relationship to the Divine.

Jen Duchene : Awaken the Original Soul Power Within You

In this playshop we will tap into the Akashic Records to:

~ Explore some of the ways you have been cut off from and denied access to your original soul power.

~ Clear relevant old beliefs and illusions and journey into the secret depths to connect to and activate your Original Soul Power.

Karrie Ann Myers : The UnMothered Moon

“We carry the wounds of our mothers for a reason...we have been chosen to end the pain for our entire lineage.”

The deep psychological wounds we carry from not being able to properly bond with our mothers can affect literally every area of your life; from your ability to maintain healthy, intimate partnerships, to your career, your earning ability and your physical health. My Mother Wounds operated under the surface of my psyche for years, sabotaging my ability to create boundaries, make empowered decisions or even receive love, care and kindness. Investigating the moon line in my astrology chart and creating holistic and neurological strategies to release this story, were the only things that changed my life for good.

Victoria von Gorski : Exploring the Realm of Possibilities with the Stargate

The Stargate is an interdimensional doorway that acts as an anchor for a higher consciousness. It allows us to connect more fully to the benevolent energies that are available to assist us in creating a more beautiful world for ourselves and all of humanity. The collective of Universal Masters known as Alcazar have been assisting thousands of people to release old beliefs and patterns through meditations and courses for over 30 years.It is one of my biggest joys to come together with others to raise our collective vibration so we all live a more joyful and abundant life. The beauty of the Stargate is there is truly nothing to do, but relax and allow for the energies to work with you.We will dive into what it is to be a conscious creator and look at common beliefs and patterns that hold us back from creating what we do want as opposed to what we don’t.


Energy Exchange and Room Options:

Sister Special

Come with a friend and share a European double bed for a discounted rate of $1,888 each Early Bird (After April 30 ~ $2,222)

Divine Double

Have a single bed in a room with another sister for $2,444 Early Bird (After April 30, $2,777)

Queen's Room

If you would like to have your own room with a double bed, we have 2 available rooms for single occupancy. $2,888 Early Bird (After April 30, $3,333)

How do I sign up?!

Begin with using this form to contact us with your inquiry or intention to join. You will be contacted and asked to answer a few brief questions to ensure the best alignment of participants. After this step, and to reserve your spot, you'll make a non-refundable deposit of $500, which will go toward your full investment whichever bedroom option you choose.The above investment includes lodging, meals, workshops, readings and the Mother Mary excursion.

Payment Plans

If needed, we are open to doing a payment plan with you. Please ask us if this option would be supportive for you.

If you have more questions, we are available to connect with you anytime. Feel free to reach out to connect with Lili, our mama goddess and retreat co-leader, to make your deposit :



The Sisters of The Eleventh House

What’s included

  • Delicious Meals

    Enjoy a MEDITERRANEAN emphasis with MIDDLE EASTERN and some ASIAN influences. lots of VEGETABLES, freshly delivered every day, are a staple, complemented by produce from their OWN ORGANIC GARDEN.

Available Packages

Divine Double : Early Bird

Available until April 30, 2023|8 left

A large bedroom with 2 twin beds, private terrace and ensuite bathroom with bathtub/

shower. You will be sharing a room with another sister.

$2,444 Early Bird // $2,777 after April 30




Sister Special

Available until April 30, 2023|4 left

Share a bed with a close sister in a medium bedroom with 1 double bed (140cm), with private terrace and ensuite bathroom with bathtub/shower.

$1,888 each Early Bird // $2,222 after April 30




Queen's Room

Available until April 30, 2023|only 2 left




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